Azure AZ-104 (27-5-2023)



Module: Introduction to Microsoft Azure (AZ-104)

Description: The “Introduction to Microsoft Azure (AZ-104)” module provides a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Azure, its global infrastructure, and management tools. Students will gain a solid understanding of Azure subscriptions, resource groups, service level agreements (SLAs), and pricing considerations.

Benefits: This module sets the foundation for the course, allowing students to grasp the fundamental concepts of Azure and its management. It provides a clear understanding of Azure’s structure and pricing, enabling students to make informed decisions and effectively plan and manage Azure resources.

Module: Virtual Machines and Networking

Description: The “Virtual Machines and Networking” module delves into Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) and networking fundamentals. Students will learn how to create, manage, and scale VMs, while also exploring networking concepts such as Azure Virtual Networks (VNets), subnets, and Network Security Groups (NSGs).

Benefits: This module equips students with the knowledge to deploy and manage VMs efficiently. They will understand the key networking components of Azure, enabling them to design and implement secure and scalable network architectures. The module prepares students to handle real-world scenarios involving VMs and network configurations.

Module: Storage and Data Services

Description: The “Storage and Data Services” module covers Azure Storage accounts and various storage options, including Blob storage, File storage, and Disk storage. Students will also explore data services like Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB, along with backup and recovery solutions.

Benefits: This module equips students with the skills to efficiently store and manage data in Azure. They will understand the different storage options and know how to select the appropriate one based on specific requirements. Students will also learn about data protection and disaster recovery strategies, ensuring data integrity and availability.

Module: Identity and Access Management

Description: The “Identity and Access Management” module focuses on Azure Active Directory (AAD) and its key components, including users, groups, roles, and authentication methods. Students will explore Azure AD multi-factor authentication (MFA), conditional access policies, and role-based access control (RBAC).

Benefits: This module enables students to effectively manage identities and access in Azure. They will learn how to secure Azure resources using Azure AD and implement authentication and authorization mechanisms. Students will acquire the skills to ensure secure access management, protecting their Azure environments from unauthorized access.

Module: Security and Compliance

Description: The “Security and Compliance” module covers Azure Security Center, Azure Firewall, Network Security Groups (NSGs), DDoS protection, and Azure Key Vault. Students will also learn about Azure Policy and Azure Blueprints for governance and compliance.

Benefits: This module empowers students to implement robust security measures and achieve compliance in Azure. They will learn how to monitor and secure their Azure resources using Azure Security Center, Azure Firewall, and NSGs. Students will understand how to safeguard sensitive information using Azure Key Vault and enforce governance and compliance policies across their Azure environment.

Module: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Description: The “Monitoring and Troubleshooting” module focuses on Azure monitoring and troubleshooting tools, including Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Application Insights, and Azure Automation. Students will also explore resource health monitoring and best practice recommendations through Azure Advisor.

Benefits: This module equips students with the skills to proactively monitor and troubleshoot Azure resources. They will understand how to leverage monitoring and analytics tools to gain insights into resource performance and health. Students will also learn automation techniques to streamline management tasks and optimize their Azure environment based on best practices.

Module: Azure Resource Management and Deployment

Description: The “Azure Resource Management and Deployment” module covers Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, policies, locks, blue

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