CCNA DevNet (27-01-2024)



Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification is your entry into a career in network automation. This certification validates your ability to implement basic network applications using Cisco platforms as a base, and to implement automation workflows across network, security, collaboration, and computing infrastructure. With one exam and one training course to prepare, the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification gives you the know-how you need and industry recognition that translates into jobs. The DevNet Associate certification, offered by Cisco, is designed for individuals who want to develop their skills in network automation and programmability. It’s aimed at both network professionals looking to expand their skill set and software developers who want to work with networking technologies.


The fully benefits from this course, you should have the following knowledge and skillst

  • Prior experience in network automation and software development is strongly recommended for the DevNet Expert program.
  • Cisco CCNA and CCNP Enterprise Training and  Certification.
  • Build upon your existing knowledge and expertise, and unleash the power of automation to transform your career in the world of DevNet.
  • DevNet Expert journey. Bring your passion for technology, and get ready to take your skills to the next level.

Next Step Training & Certification

  • DevCOR
  • DevNet Professional or CCNP DevNet

Benefits of Our DevNet Expert

  • Trainer: Cisco DevNet Expert Certified #20230016, 5xCCIE #39003
  • Comprehensive Workbook
  • Lab Access for individuals
  • Personalised Sessions for Exam Preparation from Certified Trainer
  • Lab on all the blueprint topics
  • Study Resources: Study Guide I Recorded Video’s I Lab Access I Virtual Lab Setup
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