Customised Firewall Palo-Alto I Juniper (24-5-2023)



Customized Contents for Security Track Palo-Alto I Juniper


Introduction to VPN Technology

IPSEC Technology in detail

IPSEC IKE Version 1

IPSEC IKE Version 2

IPSEC ESP Protocol

IPSEC AH Protocol

Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN Using Tunnel

Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN Over GRE

SSL Protocol in Detail

SSH 7-Way Handshake

SSL VPN Configuration on firewall – Clientless

SSL VPN Configuration on firewall – with Client

Troubleshooting to IPSEC VPN

Troubleshooting of SSL VPN


Introduction to AAA

AAA using local Database.


Firewall Integrations with AD/LDAP

Firewall rules using group/users from AD/LDAP

RADIUS protocol in detail

Integrations with RADIUS Server

Authentication using RADIUS Server

Policy based authentication using RADIUS Server

Firewall & Firewall Features:

Stateful vs Stateless inspection

Packet flow on firewall

Packet processing on firewall

Rule processing on firewall

Different modules of firewall

Different type NAT on Firewall

Packet Inspection on Firewall

DOS/DDOS Attack prevention

IPS/IDS Functionality on firewall

Vulnerability management on firewall

Vulnerability mitigation

Vulnerability identification

Network scanning using different tools.

Port scanning using different tools.

Forward proxy architecture

Reverse proxy architecture

Full proxy architecture

Half proxy architecture

Penetration testing using different tools.

Malware Analysis

Attack analysis

Threat analysis

BOT analysis

Worms/Viruses Analysis

Firewall Clustering

Packet Capture on Firewall

Packet capture analysis

F5 Load Balancer

Understanding of different load balancing mechanism


Pool Members

Different type of pools

F5 Clustering

TCP inspection on Load balancer

Understanding on VIP on load balancer.

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