Python For Network Automation(24-2-2024)



Python for Network Automation is a powerful approach to streamline and enhance the management, configuration, and monitoring of computer networks. Leveraging the simplicity and versatility of Python, network engineers and administrators can create scripts, tools, and applications to automate repetitive tasks, optimize network performance, and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

With its extensive set of libraries and frameworks, Python offers robust capabilities for interacting with network devices, protocols, and APIs. From automating device configuration changes and provisioning to monitoring network health and analyzing traffic patterns, Python provides a flexible and scalable solution for network automation across diverse environments.

Section-1: Introduction to Programming 

Section-2: Basics of Python 

2.1: Python Objects & Data Structure 

2.2: Python Comparison Operators 

2.3: Python Data Types 

2.4: Python Statements (if/else statements) 

2.5: Loops in Python (While/For Loop) 

2.6: Method and Functions 

2.7: Python Classes 

Section-3: Network Automation Using Python: 

3.1: Use of Paramiko with practical example 

3.2: File Operations in Python Script with Paramiko 

3.3: Use of String Methods 

3.4: Config Compare 

3.5: IP Address Module 

3.6: Use of Python Classes and Object on Network Automation with Example 

3.7: Use of Python statements and loops 

3.8: Python Multi-Threading 

3.9: Logging with Python 

3.10: Use of Netmiko with practical example  

3.11: Use of NAPALM with practical example 

3.12: Use of Nornir with practical example 

Section-4: Python RegEx: 

4.1: RegEx Fundamental 

4.2: Use of RegEx for parsing outputs 

Section-5: Data Serialization & Templates: 

5.1: JSON 

5.2: YAML 

5.3: XML 

5.4: Jinja2 Template  

Section-6: Netconf/Restconf/gNMI 

6.1: Introduction to Netconf 

6.2: Netconf operations 

6.3: Parse device config using Netconf 

6.4: Save device config using Netconf 

6.5: Introduction to Restconf 

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