Segment Routing (9-4-2022)



Segment routing is a method of forwarding packets on the network based on the source routing paradigm. The source chooses a path and encodes it in the packet header as an ordered list of segments. Segments are an identifier for any type of instruction.

Introduction to Segment Routing

Segment Routing with IGP (OSPF & ISIS)

Topology Independent Loop-Free Alternative – TI-LFA

Migration & Internetworking Scenarios between LDP and SR

Segment Routing Traffic Engineering

BGP Prefix Segment

Lab-1: Implementing Segment Routing on Cisco IOS XR
Lab-2: Migration Practical from LDP to Segment Routing on Cisco IOS XR
Lab-3: Implementing TI-LFA Fast Reroute with Segment Routing on Cisco IOS XR
Lab-4: Implementing Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SR-TE) on Cisco IOS XR
Lab-5: Implementing Multi Domain SR-TE on Cisco IOS XR
Lab-6: Implementing BGP Segment Routing

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